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Grandma’s Room Cash Policy

We think you are awesome. Our customers make us smile and we love getting to know each of you. So, every time you shop with Grandma’s Room we want you to know how much we love you! Of course, when you shop with us you get great shipping rates, FAST shipping.

Now, when you shop with us you will earn Grandma’s Room Cash! It is our way of giving you a virtual hug to let you know how much we appreciate you trusting us with your purchases.

What is Grandma’s Room Cash?
• You earn Grandma’s Room Cash for every item you purchase online.
• It is just like real CASH! 1 point = 1 cent. So, if a purchase earns you 289 points you will have earned $2.89 to use towards a future purchase!
• You can use your Grandma’s Room Cash on any physical item in our online shop, but it can’t be applied to any shipping fees.

How do you earn Grandma’s Room Cash?
• Every item you buy in our online shop earns 3% of the purchase price in Grandma’s Room Cash.
• In order to keep track of your Grandma’s Room cash within our system, you will need to log into your account to make purchases and to redeem your Grandma’s Room Cash. If you complete your purchase as a “guest” we can’t track your cash and won’t to keep what you earn. That would be a bummer!

How simple is it to use?
• We want this to be easy so we don’t force you to make a minimum purchase to use it.
• You can use it for your next online order. No waiting period!

How do you use it?
• Log into your account (you can’t earn it or use it if you aren’t logged in).
• On the cart or checkout page you’ll see your available Grandma’s Room Cash that you can apply to your order.
• Click on Apply Discount to use your Grandma’s Room Cash.
• Your total will show your Grandma’s Room Cash you are using for your purchase as a “discount”.
• You will need to pay any applicable shipping charges.
• Enter your payment information and click on “Place Order” to complete your transaction.
• Once your order has shipped har earned Grandma’s Room Cash will be credited to your account.

How do I track it?
• Log into your account any time to see how much Grandma’s Room Cash you have and the history of the points you have redeemed.
• What is the catch?
• Huh? This is a easy peasy stuff! We just wanted to find a way to say thank you for your supporting our little business. We love quilting, crafting and we know you do to. This is our way of helping tou and letting you know that we think you are awesome.
• Still have questions? Call us! We love to chat. (660) 234-2734